Covid panic and measures

 As the second wave of corona starts, the life of common beings are again disturbed as last year and the possibility is to be remain for long this time. Many social and government media is giving advice and support to common people,how to get rid from corona and what to do if some one infected from corona but all those measures are not so much efficient to get rid from corona virus. Only medical attention is the only possible measure which can be use sucessful to control the virus but unfortunately the resources in our country is too limited. We all must have to take care of our loved one by own don't depend on government so ready for any hurdle specially for next 3 months. Share your views and opinions for public interest.

Covid effect in uttarakhand

 As the cases of covid-19 changes day by day the situation become worse for many of the local business. In uttarakhand business opportunity is limited and many of the local are directly and indirectly depends on the tourism business. We cannot control the covid-19 situation but we can change the way we lived, as the situation changes uttarakhand people also need to change the way of there thinking about there earning, there are many solutions few are as followed. 1. Don't depend only on tourism sector. 2. Take advantage of government policies. 3. Enhance there IT skill to get job. 4. Make local business strong. 5. Explore and advertise the local business. There are many other of the solution, to overcome that situation we all must have to work together.

New year celebration 2021

Let's celebrate this new year 2021 with the hope of good health and prosperity, last year 2020 is is so anonimous and totally different for all of us, let's hope this new year bring some happyness and new opportunities. As the lockdown starts at almost every part of the country, borders are close and restrictions to move from one place to other but there's are few places where you can enjoy your new year celebration. Places like Dehradun, mussoorie, rishikesh would be first choice for the north india. There's are so many places where you can enjoy new year eve with full of music, scenes and life time pleasure moments. For more information about the location and mode to travell read other articles or comment here...

[Kumb mela 2021] haridwar and places to visit in hariwar

Best 3 Reason to visit in Haridwar Haridwar Tourism Haridwar is the holy city in uttarakhand and its very popular place for tourist and devotees. River Ganga, kumb mela and haridwar Temples are very popular in all over the world, the weather of haridware is moderate all around the year and the temperatures in haridwar fluctuate not so rapidly. In summers (April-August) it could go round 40 degree and in winters (October-February) it could reach upto 5 degree. There are so many beautiful places to visit in haridwar . It’s not only haidwar darshan or Mata gand arti in har ki pauri but there are so many other temples like Mata Mansa Devi and Mata Chandi Devi temples which are equally popular among tourist and devotees. There are so many tourist places to visit near haridwar like yog city Rishikesh which is just 20 km far from haridwar and Dehradun , it is just 50 km far from haridwar and well connected with haridwar. 1.     Kumb mela 2021 Shahi snan in kumb mela is most attractive an

Uttarakhand unexplored and Offbeat places

Uttarakhand has some of the most beautiful destination and amazing tourist places which is not yet explored by that time. If you check the map of Uttarakhand you cannot identified which place is more greener then the other, Uttarakhand has more than 65% area is greener which make Uttarakhand a most amazing and attractive place among tourist not only in India but also in all around the world. Tourist came in Uttarakhand  for Yoga, Honeymoon , Tracking, Adventurous sport like mountain climbing, paragliding and rafting and praise the beauty of nature, many of the tourist are always excited to know more about the new places which is not yet explored or many few knew about these places. Unexplored Uttarakhand Uttarakhand geography and the culture of Uttarakhand   are unique and different which make tourist more excited to know more about it. In this article i am suggesting some of the amazing places which i am sure, many of you not yet explored even if you lived in Uttarakhand.   Its

Char Dham yatra 2020

Char Dham yatra 2020 started but this year the yatra will not be same as earlier year due to corona virus pandemic. Char dham yatra can be started and easiest rout to start char dham yatra pilgrim living outside  Uttarakhand  is  Rishikesh . The Char dham yatra starts from Akshiya tritiya and end after two days of Dipawali, Char dham yatra has special significance in Hindu mythology. The original char dham are Badrinath in north, Dwaraka in west, Puri in east, and Rameswaram in south of India. Char Dham Yatra Places and where does char dham yatra begains Char dham yatra starts from  Yamunotri  followed by  Gangotri  then  Kedarnath  and ends in  Badrinath  temple. Yamunotri : Temple of  Goddess Yamuna Gangotri : Temple of Goddess Ganga Kedarnath : Temple of  God Shiva Badrinath : Temple of God Vishnu                                                    Importance of char dham yatra Yamunotri : Yamunotri temple is situated in  Uttarkashi  district , The starting point

Gairsain : Summer capital of uttarakhand

Gairsain  गैरसैण  The controversy starts when the Dehradun was declared as a Uttarakhand capital in place of Gairsain  after separated from Uttar pradesh  in November 9,2000. Immediately after separation, Government announced Dehradun as the capital of Uttarakhand but after conflict arose between regional party and state party, Government decided to make two capital of Uttarakhand. First is Dehradun also known as " winter capita l" and the second is Gairsain also known as " summer capital ". Political dispute Its been almost 20 year from the date of separation from Uttar pradesh on year 2000. Dehradun announced as the temporary capital of  Uttarakhand and there after so many meetings and discussion happened between political party. In 2017 BJP candidate currently chief minister of Uttarakhand, Shri Trivender Singh Rawat promised to have Gairsain as a summer capital of Uttarakhand. Already forme