How to reach Mussoorie from Gurgoan, Delhi, Dehradun

Mussoorrie,Rishikesh and Deradun is the most approachable and Near place for the people living near Delhi NCR, Just some 8 Hr journey and you will reach to your destination, it may be Rishikesh, Dehradun or Mussoorie.

So many time traveler asked me these questions?
How to reach Mussoorie from Dehradun?

How can i reach Mussoorie from Gurgoan?

how far is Rishikesh from Gurgoan?
How is the road from Delhi to Mussoorie?
is there any train from Delhi to Mussoorie?
which is better Nanital or Mussoorie?

I will inform you the easiest way to reach your destination.There are so many option available to reach there..
it may be via Plane, Train, bus and car. some travel guys are even go via bike and cycles too.

Choose your  vehicle accordingly.

If you are going in group then i would be good if you choose bus or go via car. there are so many buses available, you can catch the buses from Kashmiri gate, Anand vihar bus stand or may be gurgoan bus stand. Uttrakhand roadways, Uttar-pradesh roadways and Haryana roadways buses availabile almost all time.
There is no busy hours or day, Just try to make your programme before to avoid any inconvenience

you can book your ticket from UTC online. its a uttarakhand government trasportation site, where you can book the tickets online

Just in case if you are not able to book your tickets from UTC online so you may try to book your tickets from haryana roadways or via uttarpradesh roadways.

If you are going via car so the easiest way is GURGOAN--> Baba Banda Singh Bahadur SetuDelhi - Meerut ExpyRaj Nagar Extension Elevated Rd, ... and NH34 to Upper Ganga Canal Rd,Roorkee,HARIDWAR,RISHIKESH,DEHRADUN,MUSSOORIE.

Don't forget to take your snax at MID ways, there are some popular places where you can take the Snax.
IN Murad nagar before taking the exit towards Ganga canal road, enjoy JAIN shikanji and Jain Paneer pakora and in mid way after crossing khalauli you can take the meal at pandatji ka dhaba and Gupta Chaat.

There is no toll if you follow that Route.There are so many beautiful destination near to DELHI-NCR.
If you found any problem related to finding route, hotel or popular places at your destination place, visit


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