Auli the wonderful place at Uttarakhand

Auli in uttarakhand is a must go place.

Uttarakhand is famous for its natural beauty and there are so many awesome location are there, People love to visit during some special occasion or holidays like New year, Honey moon etc, One of the most amazing place is Auli at Joshimat in Uttarakhand.

Beautiful auli destination

Beautiful Village of auli
Village at Auli

How to reach there?

Reaching at Auli is not so difficult for now a days, roads are good and you may go either 2 wheeler or 4 wheeler.
Best ways to reach there if you have enough time is go via bike.

You may ask How to reach there?

If you are visiting from Delhi region or any other location of India, So first you must have to go to Rishikesh from there you must have to go via Dev Prayag and move towarads Srinagar, (Please make a plane to drive at day light, its too risky to go at night), from srinagar go towards Gauchar and then  Karan prayag from that its about 100 km and you can reach your destination. its about 250 km from the Rishikesh.

Whats is the right time to visit?

Normally the weather at mountain region is cool at almost all the time, and you may found snow at winters and pity cool at summers especially at night. Summers are the best and preferable time to visit (May-Sept).

Ride in Auli
View of Auli
Yoga in Auli
Mind Relaxation at Auli

Where to visit?

If you reach there surely you must saw some amazing seenry alraedy but the most amazing sight sheen you may see after reaching at Joshimat, the eye catching view of Nanda devi parvat (second largest mountain), that amazing sunrise can pleased your heart and relax you from all the trouble of your life. Vishnu Prayag is also one of the most amazing place which is located near to Joshimat.
Beautiful photo of auli
View of Auli Village

Narsingh Temple photo
Narsingh Temple

There are lot of temples but Narsingh Mandir has its own importance, it Architecturing and geographical location make that temple is unique and beautiful.

After visiting Auli i must assure, you will take some most amazing memories for your lifetime, It may be sight seen, Adventure, Natural/Devotional.


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