Opportunity to boost tourism business after covid 19 pandemic

As we all aware the covid-19 derail the whole travel and tourism business all around the world, it not only create problem to the hotel and hospitality business but also so many other peoples who are directly or indirectly involve in tourism business.

Business like hotel, transport, local shops, guides, event organizers, adventitious activity professionals and other directly or indirectly affected, corona virus derailed the whole travel and tourism business, In uttarakhand there major source of incomes came from the travel and tourism industries. Tourist from all around the world visited in uttarakand and enjoy the beauty of nature, but after covid-19 virus the whole situation changed.

My Uttarakhand

Challenges of tourism

Every thing that happens in our life  has some bright side and dark side, If we see the bright side,Its a chance for the nature to revive and the people who are living outside from uttarakhand for job and business have an opportunity to set there roots again in there villages.

To recover the tourism and hospitality business is not so easy, It required visionary leadership and some immediate hard steps, At now the favorable condition is with uttarakhand like it has very low no. of covid-19 cases, almost all parts of uttarakhand is free from covid-19, Government and Tourism personal must take advantage of that, they must popularize that fact " Uttarakhand is corona free", it can boost the tourism industry immediately once the transportation starts.

Only one thing we must have to take care, we must monitor tourist personal closely, so that the virus may not enter in uttarakhand, because one open thread create the panic all around the region. we must take this as opportunity because Any tourist would like to visit only those place where they can relax without any fear for his/her health and at a same time,can get fine hospitality.

Some Solutions:

1. Online registration compulsory with self declaration before entering in uttarakhand, (Same modal used by Sikkim).
2. Create healthy environment around your location.
3. Make some impressive and lucrative offers which customer cannot deny.(Its a time to survive not to make profit)
4. Hold the local person, (They are the most suitable person for your business in long time)
5. Demand good infrastructure around your place.
6. Give pioneer service (your initial service create a big impact in your business after Lockdown)
7. Make win- win situation for tourist and your self as a part of tourism and hospitality industry.

We all know after lock down its an opportunity to boost your tourism and hospitality business, Its all up to you, how your are taking advantage from that, At now so many tourist are fed up and require some time for them self to rejuvenate, Its a time to proof our self and to make uttarakhand tourism world class, Remember its a time for existence not to get profit, Once you have a good start, It will help you to boost your business exponentially in no time.

                                 " The only way of survival is to understand the opportunity"


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