Gairsain : Summer capital of uttarakhand

Gairsain the summer capital of uttarakhand

Gairsain गैरसैण 

The controversy starts when the Dehradun was declared as a Uttarakhand capital in place of Gairsain after separated from Uttar pradesh  in November 9,2000.

Immediately after separation, Government announced Dehradun as the capital of Uttarakhand but after conflict arose between regional party and state party, Government decided to make two capital of Uttarakhand. First is Dehradun also known as "winter capital" and the second is Gairsain also known as "summer capital".

Political dispute

Its been almost 20 year from the date of separation from Uttar pradesh on year 2000. Dehradun announced as the temporary capital of  Uttarakhand and there after so many meetings and discussion happened between political party.

In 2017 BJP candidate currently chief minister of Uttarakhand, Shri Trivender Singh Rawat promised to have Gairsain as a summer capital of Uttarakhand. Already former Chief minister  Shri Vijay Bahuguna did one political session in past during his tenure period.  .

Geography of Gairsain

Gairsain is situated in Chamoli district and Geographically Gairsain is situated in middle of Garhwal and Kumaon, In 1992 Regional party Uttarakhand kranti dal who initiated the demand of separated state from Uttar pradesh believed, If the state capital is situated at mountain so the development activity and infrastructure of state will rise, but after separating from Uttar pradesh due to good infrastructure and easily availability of goods and services, Dehradun was decided as a Uttarakhand state capital.

On 8,June 2020, Sri Utpal Kumar Chief secretary of Uttarakhand give government order and announced in presence of governor of Uttarakhand, Gairsain as a summer capital of Uttarakhand.


After Becoming the two state capital of Uttarakhand (Dehradun and Gairsain), It is anticipated that the development activity will boost in mountain region along with the job opportunity and the migration of villager will reduce, If this happened the purpose of making Gairsain as the summer capital will fulfill, There are so many opportunities in term of tourism and agriculture are there in mountain region of Uttarakhand which is not yet fully explored.


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